In Grad School..again!

It's been months since I've updated this blog. The reason for this is that I have been very busy studying music composition at the Longy School of Music!

Due to a renewed packed schedule of studying and creating, I have cut down a lot on fact, just about entirely.  I still, of course, attend concerts, but in the interest of my ever dwindling time, I have decided not to review live shows at the moment and for the near foreseeable future. 

Yet, I'd like to at least list some of the shows I have been to since I last updated Soprano In the City. The following provided me with evenings of art and beauty immersion:

Equilibrium Ensemble performs Soper, Epstein, Gee, and Kirsten

Kita Duo (Felicia Chen, soprano and Noah Rosen, percussion) with guests at Boston Conservatory perform Cage, Babbitt, Messiaen, Villa-Lobos, and Crumb's Madrigals.


Oliveros' Tuning Meditation with Claire Chase, Felicia Chen, and friends

As One, chamber opera by Laura Kaminsky

Joan Tower Celebration by BMOP, featuring Tianyi Wange's Under the Dome.

The Radcliffe Choral Society presents Another Music, featuring Disturbed Earth, by


Hope you click on any or all of those links to discover some amazing artists and their work!