My name is Stephanie. I’ve been attending and creating musical events in New York City since I was 12, and it only dawned on me recently, about a sixth of a century later, that it would be awesome to share some of these unique experiences.

As you may have guessed already, I’m a soprano (and composer) currently getting my masters in Classical Vocal Performance and living my life-long dream of immersing myself in music-making. I also happen to be lucky enough to get to call New York City my greatest classroom and playground - It has given me access to the great artists, creators, and innovators of our day.

This blog is an operatic tour of what it’s like being inspired by the world's best in one of the world's best cities. It's about loving music and meeting great people, being moved by great art, and learning from those who have either collectively or individually, accomplished extraordinary things.

This is what it's like being a soprano in the city….